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ShenZhen Hafly Technology co.,LTD
Add:Library Village 196, Hang Wai Tsai,Guanglan Town,Bao'an Shenzhen

The company will be "quality of life, innovation-driven, integrity as a fundamental" for the purpose of achieving sustainable, stable and healthy development.
Management philosophy
Honesty: Li trustworthy, words really real line.
Quality: Quality first, to ensure qualification.
Performance: performance first, to create excellence.
Harmony: unity, cooperation and harmony.
Security: people-oriented, safety first.
Business purposes
Create benefits for the business: to create benefits for the business, is all star power management Mong basic requirements. Adhere to the scientific development concept, increase profitability, maximize the benefits of the pursuit of business and sustainable development.
To create customer value: creating value for customers is all star power Mong The Value of the business. Pursuit of corporate value and consistency of customer value, providing customers with value-added services to enhance customer value and enterprise synchronization value.
Creating opportunities for staff: creating opportunities for employees, is operated by the public Wang fundamental concept of Star Power. To put people first, respect for the value of staff, trust staff capacity for staff development to create a platform that allows personal values ​​of employees in enterprise development can be achieved.
Create wealth for society: to create wealth, is the star power management Zhongwang ultimate goal. Conscientiously fulfill their financial responsibility and social responsibility, to create social wealth, social services, contributing to society and realize the harmonious development of enterprises and society.

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